Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Best Cat I Know

Well Blogtrotters, we present our week in two acts tonight. Act I: What happens when Dad lets Mom sleep in. Take that folded clothes! Act II: Little One, the nicest, most patient cat. I never thought I would ever use the SAT word "inured," but I think that might sum it up. Look it up, you'll never know when you get to use it in a blog.

Pics: Tilly in white/blue and Ellie in green (consistent in both acts), Jack Black in his orange DJ Lance Rock costume.

walking coming along, still trying to get good video. peace.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Dearest Blogtrotters,

We went to the Dallas World Aquarium today with Taylor, Chris, Bash and lil' Piper cub. The girls had a great time! Tilly especially loved everything. They went crazy for lots of different things.

Pics: Martha the Manatee, Ellie and Taylor, Tilly and mama, Ellie, Larry the Octopus, Bash with indiglow jellyfish, Bash with turtle, Girls laughing at a waterfall, Samuel the toucan, flamingos (Fred, Ida, Jozy), Ellie with the drum lid and Tilly chewing the play mat edge mmmm.... there's very little meat in these play mats

video: yeah, so I haven't figured out that you can't tilt the camera to the side when taking video like you can when shooting stills. Perhaps in the not so distant future I will add that to my rolodex of knowledge. Anyway, the video shows a little bit of the burgeoning walking abilities as well as Ellie's ability to make a "bub bub" sound with her finger (Harvard class of 2030 here we come!)

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Hottest, Coolest Time in Texas!

Good Morrow Blogtrotters,
Well our, my or Abby's (all depending on how you look at it) vacation in SA was pretty fantastic. Tilly learned how to stand and make Theresa and Sheila do whatever she wanted. Since she already had NeNe in her pocket, she's doing quite well for herself.
They had a great time at Schiltterbahun. ***Todd/Mel, Tien/Long, and anyone else, we're thinking of heading down the second week of August for a baby free trip to the bahun.

Like the valosoraptors, they are always testing the boundries that Abby and I set up. As you can see from the pictures they quickly learned how to go under the chair boundary. Since then the 2 foot gap that is their only means of escape to the wonderland I mundanely refer to as the "kitchen" has been occupied by a large hedgehog balloon toy, boxes and a pink standing toy. After destroying all of those it is currently blocked by a dirty cloths hamper. Luckily we do not lack for dirty clothes and so it is too heavy to move. They can squeeze their heads through the small gap. They celebrate this accomplishment by screaming incessantly.

Ok, well that's it for now. We might try to go to the DMA pretty soon as it is too hot to go on walks.
Pics: Ellie with the rattle, Tilly sitting in yellow polka dots, Tilly is always in the pink swimsuit and Ellie always in the blueish purple one. The last two they are wearing the same suit (the same design, not sharing) so... the first picture at the end is Tilly and the second is Ellie. The elderly gentleman in the back of each photo is Augstus R. Philpott, Esquire.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer in San Antonio

Dear Blogtrotters,
True to my word, (word is bond) I have up dated the blog. I'm here in San Antonio with the girls, letting Abby have a bit of a well deserved break. I hope she enjoyed the last 4 days, because she's not scheduled for a break until April 2011.
Tilly is wearing the pink heart swinsuit and Ellie is in the purple/blue one. I'm trying to always keep them in the same suit for future reference. Although both babies look happy in their floaty thing, only Ellie likes it. The other one screams until you take her out. We've been going swimming most days.
Ellie is standing wonderfully and has learned to pick her nose. Tilly isn't really doing either, but she's real close.
We went to the zoo and had a good time.
The dog loves the babies and the babies love the dog. She's real attentive during feeding time, and she's well rewarded for her assiduousness. Lilly lets the girls climb and grab all over her; she's really sweet. That's Ellie attacking her, but if I had waited 5 minutes I could have taken the same picture with Tilly as the antagonist.
That's all.
Oh, I do think the girls are extra cute in their little surfer girl uniforms. Perhaps you disagree, but that'd make you a big jerk.
No time for love, Dr. Jones and no time to proof read so enjoy the grammar mistakes if you can find them. (5 pts. per mistake corrected)
Oh, and yes I'm aware that Elinor has a furture in the exciting field to dictaorship.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Long Time No See

Dear Intrepid Blogtrotters,
Alas, it has been many a week without the update. So much has happened in the past 8 weeks or so. Let's see...the girls are of course getting bigger and bigger. They are "talking" or at least screaming. They still love to bounce. Crawling has been conquered. Eating and fine motor control are becoming easier everyday. The big deal recently is standing. Tilly was first to pull up, but Elinor, perhaps the braver of the two, has mastered "free standing" (like a kiosk in the mall). We are so proud that no other baby has ever down the above mentioned things like our little angels have!

Sleeping is better ever since some jerk decided it was time for them to go to bed, crying or not. Since this taskmaster approach has been implemented they have stopped crying in their cribs earlier and earlier, tonight at 7:37 pm. So I ask you jerk or genius? Perhaps both. They say Jim Belushi, two time winner of Nobel Prizes in biophysics and star of CBS's sensational hit sitcom According to Jim, has a very short fuse.

Anyway, here's a movie and lots of pictures. This summer we will update the blog weekly, cross our hearts.

The water was COLD! Eisley in the Kitty house. Pretty ladies