Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Say Hey Blogtrotters,

Here are some pics from arboretum again, and then from around the house. The girls are doing great and getting bigger all the time. They're really talking up a storm. Abby says they can say "bird, cat, pretty, baby, ball and sesquipedalian and archipelago" The only problem is the pronounce it ARCH-a-pelago instead of ARK-a-pelago.

Pics: Tilly in green and Ellie in red; Tilly in her pink poodle vest (I assume we're all thinking of Mr. Burns' "See my vest" parody song) In their chairs Isadora Welty and Sirus Tiggeman; Ellie in purple and Tills in blue (By the way those chairs look innocent, but they are dangerous toys)

Video: I think Tilly is in purple and brown with Ellie in red/pink