Monday, April 13, 2009

Kris Kross'll make you..........

Caution: May cause motion sickness!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Busy Afternoon

I took advantage of a sale at Target today and bought one little push walker/car thing. They seem to like it and we'll probably get a second one even though they can't use it that well yet. Here's a little action sequence of Tilly with the new car:
While Ellie got a turn on the car, James and Tilly ate some cheerios and puffs:
And Isadora found a fun new place to hide:
Then the girls were rewarded with cherry oatmeal:

Ellie with bowl, Tilly without bowl

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Don't Judge Us

So don't judge us, but sometimes, just sometimes, instead of folding our clean laundry right away like my father recommends we dump it in one of the baby's cribs. (A basenet really, but I don't understand the difference.) Well last week I thought I would combine my love of not folding clothes and the babies' love of looking out the window and occasionally petting a cat. The results were a smashing success! Abby got some time to herself and took a long shower and I ate graham crackers and peanut butter while the little ladies gazed out the window on a blustery day. Good times.

Here are 3 beautiful pictures the Morrises took of the girls today. Thanks for rolling around on the ground through ant hills, David, it was worth it, the pictures are great!

Flowers, Laundry and Flowers

Here's some pics from our trip to the arboritum with the Schweerses.

Ellie and Eisley Fun on a deer of some sort Tilly and the frog