Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hey Blogtrotters,

Everyone is sick and miserable. Well, I'm sick and making everyone else miserable. Vocabulary and articulation continue to grow. Babies turned 19 months yesterday. They are too tall for their old undershirt oneise so Abby cute off the bottoms. They fit fine until they gorge themselves on dinner, then their bellies stick out. Their little muffin tops are pretty cute. That is Ellie first then both together. Tilly is trying to put my shoes on. The Super Mario pictures are Tilly.
In the videos, I don't know which is first, Tilly is the little mama who is feeding her baby. Abby says she does it all day. Ellie's video is her playing peekaboo and singing with Abby.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hugs Not Drugs

Say Hey Bloggtrotters,

Sorry no updates in a while. I plan to be more regular with blog entries in the future now that my schooling and professional betterment is coming to an end. To help with that, Abby has purchased some Metamucil.

The little ladies are going though a rough patch. Recent visitors can attest to the tantrums setting in. They're getting in their fang teeth, and that must hurt. Also they have not had the pleasure of getting their way 100% of the time. (I think we're down to as low as 94.8%)

Anyways, other than being kind of sad sacks, they're doing great. They vocab continues to grow, they've added words such as giraffe, turtle, baby, yes and no. Ellie has really mastered 'apple'. It is her most complete word, in that she can say both sides of it very clearly. They are also mastering many animal sounds. They quack really well. I'm trying to teach them to put a "B" in front of their "quack, quack" to make it sound like BEC-CA, who is Abby's friend and coming to visit. We tried this same strategy by trying to change "fish" into "Chris". I think all we did was help them think that their crunckle Chris is some sort of aquatic animal.

On the 'yes and no' front, Abby asks them questions all the time and if they're in a good mood they then will answer "yesh" or "yeah" very seriously to all her questions. Tilly is especially good at the game and it's very cute.

Pics: They are really into hugging lately and they love the statues at the Arboretum. They also like feeding the statues little pieces of sticks and mud. If they were as sweet to each other as they are to those metal animals then we'd be the happiest family on Earth. Enjoy the pictures. They are super cute. Oh, the last one is of Chris getting a thirst quenching drink from the water fountian where we usually wash the girls hands. Mmmmm...

Coming Soon: Snow pics, awesome pictures of Tilly being Super Mario over Chirstmas!, pictures with Abby's friend Becca