Saturday, March 22, 2008

What's Happening

So, we haven't written anything in awhile, but not much has been happening. We've been enjoying our much needed spring break, and doing some things around the house.

We went to San Antonio and visited family. We also celebrated Sheila and Nelson's 25th wedding anniversary and Mike and Cathy's engagement. Grandpa Tigg bought the twins some great uniforms (pics). Cathy also got us some great journals to keep track of baby info.

We also registered at Target and Babies R Us with the wonderful help of Jami Schweers. The registries still need some revisions, but at least they're a start. They have a lot of really cute stuff at both places. We registered for a lot of green and blue things because we like green and blue, we still don't know the sex of the babies.
Lastly, our next doctor's appointment is on April 4th. We could learn the sex of the babies then, if they are cooperating (or at least one is, since they're probably identical). If we can't tell then, we have a 1-2 hour sonogram a few weeks after that, so hopefully by the end of April we'll know if they're little boys or girls.
That's really all I have to add. Hopefully James will add funnier thoughts soon.