Friday, February 13, 2009

Six and a half months

Just a quick update on the little ladies:

Tilly all tuckered out from bananas.
Eating solid food is going great. Tilly acutally started crying yesterday because I was not feeding her fast enough. They now eat butternut squash, sweet potatoes, bananas with cereal, and zuchini. They also eat frozen bananas and cantelope in this mesh pacifier thing. They get completely soaked in juice and drool, so we save it for the evening before bathtime. We make the food ourselves to save a little money, and we know they are getting fresh, organic fruits and veggies.
Elinor enjoying some pre-bath frozen bananas.

We got a new inflatable bathtub that the girls love. It looks like a giant rubber duck and it quacks when you squeeze it's beak. They think the quacking is hilarious and they giggle a lot. They are also fans of kicking and splashing in the bathtub. It's too small to fit them both, so we'll have to wait for bath parties until they are big enough for the real tub.
Tilly; Ellie (they both were having fun, but the flash caught Tilly off guard)
We enjoyed our first trip apart from the girls. They spent a few days with Nana and Grandpa in San Antonio, while we went to a conference for James in Austin. The grandparents had fun and James and I got two nights of baby free sleep. The girls are getting quite skilled. Ellie has pretty much mastered rolling over, especially when there's a toy that needs to be reached. They are both getting closer to being able to sit on their own, but would still prefer you to help them stand intstead. They are always doing little crunches to try to sit up, which seems to be a good sign. They love to eat their feet and play with toys now. They also love watching they cats. They get really excited and start kicking and jumping when they see them. Sirus and Little one are their favorites, because they can usually grab some fur when they walk by. The girls were very excited to see that Sirus accompanied us to the vet yesterday and responded to all his cries in the car. They can also grab almost anything they see within a second or two. They can go from laying on the couch with their toys to completely wrapped in pillows and blankets in about a minute. They also like grabbing eachother, which leads to some crying (when one starts chewing on the other's hand/foot) and many scratches. Overall they are happy, healthy little girls who are getting to be a lot of fun.

Matilda playing with the blanket; Tilly trying to eat Ellie's ear

Everyone likes their new toy from Michelle (even Little One)

Tilly, Ellie, and Gnomey in some snow/ice (Tilly and Ellie are the same height, the camera distance is just different)