Monday, February 13, 2012

Looking Cool

Say Hey Blogtrotters,
Here we are in February. The girls are doing great, except for fits of unstoppable coughing in the middle of the night that don't seem to bother them or make them grumpy the next morning. Also Ellie has been enjoying talking in a annoying baby voice lately and when you tell her to stop she just says "I'm not talking like a baby, I'm talking like a boy." Perhaps there is little difference between the two in her world. Other than those complaints, things are great.
pics: The first pic is of these awesome capes Abby made for the ladies, Tilly is a snow superhero and Ellie is an elephant superhero (I leave it to you to imagine what their powers might be, it was not made clear to me), El in the brown hat and Tilly in the vest and scarf (it was the only truly cold day this winter). T is sitting next to baby Andrew(friend and neighbor) and El is opposite them. El in yellow Pluto shirt and Till in the Cookie Monster one. Tilly is doing a snow angel on the floor by the way. I told you it has been a mild winter. Then in the last two we are "dressed fancy" and "acting cool" although I assure you both descriptions would send Marrium Webster to an early grave. The videos are of the girls discovering the greatness of mirrors.

Ellie is in green and Tilly is in the blue shirt.