Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hey Hey,
Great weekend.  It rained for 36 hours straight!  We got to go the Frontiers of Flight museum (Thanks Smithsonian Day!) on Saturday and on Sunday we went to the arboretum despite the rain.   enjoy.
Sneak Preview!

Ellie in yellow and Tilly in purple

Ellie,  Abs told her the pumpkin looked like a "bottom".  they loved it.


I told her to pick it up.

Pumpkin head tradition!

I don't know what she was doing, but she was having a great time. 

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Bunny Ears

Huge Bubbles


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fancy Glass and Rain!

Here's the Team,

The weather has be just beautiful for the past week or so!  Rain and relatively cool temperatures, occasionally down less than hot!  We finally got around to see the Chiluly glass at the arboretum last week.  The camera died, but the girls got to go the next day with Papa and Neners.  I can't recommend it enough! That junk is mind blowing awesome style.  It's also supposed to be really nice at night when it is lit.  In the middle are some pictures of the girls playing in puddles with neighbor Baby Kate and Baby Andrew, although neither are really babies anymore.  Jill Johnson, if you are reading this: yes, those are the raincoats you gave them for their first birthday.  I hope it makes you happy that they have been passed on to our neighbors for fun rainy day play!  

Hugs not drugs people!

Sister, Sister!


Puddle Train!

Tilly, Ellie, Kate.  Abby took 92 pictures, this one worked

Try to photograph 4 kids under 5 years old (and a dog)

Ellie and Tilly with the glass


look'in good

telling Papa his business

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Museum Day

Say Hey Friends,
    Labor Day Weekend and we made it to 2 museums, the Nasher and the FW Science Museum.  first a rant about FWS.  We had free tickets for the girls from summer reading, so I took them.  It cost $5 to park and $16 for an adult ticket!  The girls saw a stuffed polar bear and started crying minute 1.  If I had known it was going to be that much, I would have agreed to take them home!  (in their defense it is remodeled and totally awesome).  The Nasher, however was super great and had this roped together tunnel will with balls from a children's ball pit.  Everyone loved it. 
     If this 7 day heat wave lifts we'll go to the zoo on Saturday.

Ellie watching her flyer.

Tilly and her pinwheel, it didn't work
building pinwheels


I told them lungs help you breath.

We usually breath like this.

Ellie in the tunnel.

Tilly tunnel

Interactive art

Ellie being a sculpture

the sculpture, good right?

Shock and Awe

Fishy Tilly

I really like this one.