Saturday, March 16, 2013

Not Impressed

Say Hey Blogtrotters,
Spring Break 2013! In SA everybody!  Did Ellie just lose the gold medal to Tilly?  Cuz' she doesn't seem impressed.  Really she's just tired.  These are all pictures from the zoo (or the train in the first one)  Tilly is in the gray sweatshirt and El is in the yellow bee sweatshirt.  (PS Abby has a beautiful picture of BOTH girls on the train just seconds before this one on the facebook.
Not Impressed

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Monday, February 18, 2013


Say Hey Blogtrotters,

What a monumentous weekend!  The girls saved up money they received from  to Mema (my grandmother)  and we took them to get their first bikes.  They love them so much and can really ride with ease (training wheels).  So when you think about it they've already completed in their first triathlon, if you include running around the toy store and taking a bath later that night.  Oh, Papa Morris, we hope you're proud.  Other than the this terrible cedar allergy that hits us every january and february, we're doing great!

PS- Lightning in the class "pet" that you get to take home after being line leader for the week. We think the teachers are trying to make up for the girls missing out on being line leader for the first half of the year. We've been line leaders the past 4 of 6 weeks.

Tilly and Lightening

Ellie and Lightening

Ellie and her Sweet Ride



Ollie Dog helping in the garden
Rid'in in the the sunset.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Say Hey Blogsters,

What a wild 2 months!  Abby started her dream job of being the librarian at Region 6 of the EPA.  It's a pretty big deal.  Other than loving it and actually enjoying her job (what a novel idea),  she's also bringing home the big bucks.  I'm happy to report that our bank account increased for the first time in 5 years!  

Here we are at the new Perot Science Museum with Abby's Nene, Papa,  sister Sarah and cousins Jack and Emma.   If you're reading this and interested we've got a membership, hit us up if you're interested in going.
Jack and the girls.  Abby's building is the triangular one. 
Umm...I kind of love that Emma.

Tilly-- she made an animal track.

Jack and his design

Emma -- Awesome


Ellie Working

Tilly in from of Mama's building (not to scale)


Till and Emma




Tilly again? same picture?

Little One- there is a debate in our house whether or not she's cute.