Monday, April 18, 2011

Say Hey Blogtrotters, Had a pretty nice day at the zoo the other weekend. Ellie is in the green hedgehog and Tilly is in the pink monkey shirt. Later that night they were worn out and had to crash in the storage bins. Yes, there is a sticker saying NOT to, but we didn't close the lid, which is what the sticker is really trying to say. At the end Tilly is reading the map and Ellie is in the glasses. She's yelling "hot dog" at me beacuse I'm not cooking things fast enough.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Say Hey Blogtrotters, The girls had a great weekend. In an effort to raise the kids in my image we've developed a routine of free entertainment. Part of our weekly "daddy/daughter" time includes going to Barnes and Noble to play with their stuffed animals and books. Then we head over to Joanne's Craft Store to look at "more things" and finally sample dinner at Whole Foods. At home the cheap entertainment continues with "bumpy rides" which are a stroke of genius because to go on the ride they must first load the washers! Pics: 1)Tilly dressed in the bumpy rides and Ellie in still in her Pj's but with a beach towel overalls to gussy them up. 2) On the couch being "sick" Ellie is now in dark pink with Tilly in the light pink mountain shirt (with bows). 3) Tilly in purple (with 13 bows) and Ellie in green. Videos: Ellie in white and Till in pink. Tilly is reading in one and we're playing "dangerous" in the other. Dangerous is a game that entails me throwing them into pillows on the bed.

This one's really long, skip to 4 minutes left for the best part.