Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pictures As Promised

Pic. 1) Bottleman and Elly
2) PaPa and Elly
3)Happy Tilly

1-2)Still Happy Running out of captions
3) Happy Elly

1)Bath Time!
2)Elly, We Think!
3) Baby Elly

1)Todd! (Sorry Melisssa all the ones with you were great pictures of you, but had blurry baby. And since this is a blog about the girls and not you, I didn't add any. )
2) Brains! Want eat brains!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

4 Months is a Special Time

Hey Guys/Well Wishers,

Well the girls are 4 months old and doing great. Their interests include looking at the purple mobile, stuffing their fists into their months as much as physically possible, turning their heads quickly while parents attempt to provide nourishment and of course kicking. Seriously, they are doing so wonderfully. They are sleeping and smiling. Their favorite time of day is 5:30 in the morning. I swear you've never seen any two people happier to be alive before dawn than these tow ladies. It's pretty endearing. Alright, no new pictures since last time, but with a trip out to Abby's parents on Wed. and my parents coming up on Fri. me thinks that we'll have some by next weekend!

Here are the results from Tuesday's doctor visit: general good health. Tilly: 23 3/4 inches and 12 lbs 5 oz. Elly: 23 1/2 in. and 12 lbs 13 oz. That puts them in between the 25th and 50th percentile.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fall Back to Sleep

The girls are almost 4 months old now, Nov. 22nd will the the big day. They are enjoying a wide range of activities these days including smiling, a lovely laugh/squeal combo, a bit of cooing ("agoo"), and watching themselves in the mirror. Tilly seems the most interested in the baby in the mirror. She was quite amazed when the baby yawned last night. Elly discovered the baby sitting next to her today (Tilly) and had fun smiling at her. Over the past few days they've also enjoyed smiling at their toys. They have a great time in Becca's jungle bouncy chair, the moving animals are very exciting. On our last visit to Nene and Papa's the girls had a very unofficial weight of around 11 pounds each, but we'll head to the doctor on the 25th for a more accurate number. The girls are getting to be quite fun and the best part is that they are really starting to sleep well in the evenings. They go down between 6-7 and then we wake them up and feed them between 9-10. Then they go back to sleep until about 3-4am, when James and I repeatedly re-pacifier the babies until about 5am. The best part is that they are back to sleeping in their port-a-cribs next to the bed, which means James and I get more than a 1/4 of the bed each. Good times. Here are some new pics and James will add some video tomorrow.

L: Cuddling in our Monkey pj's (Elly in pink, Tilly in cream)
R: Sleeping in our port'a crib (Matilda, Elinor)

L: Elinor (top), Matilda
R: Elinor, Matilda

L: Elinor and Matilda watching our mobile
R: Elinor and Matilda watching James

L: Laughing with Bottle Man (Elinor, Matilda)
R: Elinor with Ollie

Matilda and Ollie