Saturday, February 16, 2008

2nd Sonogram

First Picture: Baby A, Second: Baby B, Third: Both

We were looking forward to the second sonogram to find out more about the status of the twins, apparently twins are complicated from the beginning. We needed to know about the status of the placenta(s) and sack(s).


Baby Alberto
Size: 34 millimeters
Heart Rate: 174 bpm
Striking Feature: Looks like it sleeps like an angel.
Baby Ben
Size: 34 millimeters
Heart Rate: 174 bpm
Striking Feature: Kicks like a soccer player.

We found out that the babies are in 1 placenta and 2 sacks. That's pretty good news. Abby will not be required to go into the hospital at 24 weeks, which is always good. They actually looked like real babies, really cute, in your face ugly babies.

Pictures of the 1st Sonogram


Baby A(Alberto)
Size: 9.4 millimeters
Heart Rate: 163 bpm
Striking Feature: Fluid Sack

Baby B(Ben)
Size: 9.7 millimeters

Heart Rate: 154 bpm
Striking Feature: Yolk sack looks like an adorable head
Due Date: September 3rd (but will probably early-mid August because it's twins)
Reaction to the news of twins:
1. Room gets hot.
2. James Tiggeman and Diana Morris cry together.
3. Sarah Morris says she'll believe it when she sees the pictures, since Diana Morris has been claiming to have "had a feeling it's twins."
4. "Dad Expresses Pride in Son's Virility" New banner headline in Tiggeman family newsletter

Later That Week

"I had a feeling she was pregnant, she was taking a lot of naps during Christmas." -- Theresa Tiggeman. "Yeah, mom, she's just kind of lazy like that. I don't think it was the pregnancy." James Tiggeman. "Oh, Honey, you're always joking!" Terry Sue. "Yessss.....joking..." Me. "Can I speak with Abby?" Terry Sue. "No, she's napping." Me

paraphrased conversation repeated without the express written permission of Theresa "Terry Sue" Tiggeman or Major League Baseball.

Preggers Day 1

Abby finds out she is pregnant! Glorious Day! Happy Day! We take a nap to celebrate.