Thursday, April 29, 2010

Say Hey Blogtrotters,

The first picture is Ellie. Thanks for the 'cakie' Katherine, Chris, Tim and Mike W. It is fun to say 'cakie' by the way.

The girls are loving the water table. Tilly is in orange and Ellie is in the white. We're going to the NICU reunion picknick this weekend. Hope we'll meet some other crazy former premies there. oh, Tilly at the end.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Say Hey Blogtrotters-
It hasn't been the best/easiest 2 weeks at our house, but some fun has been had. I (Abby) had my heart surgery last Friday. The procedure went great and I should have a normally beating heart from now on. I can already tell a difference on walks and playing with the girls. My parents and James' parents were amazingly helpfull and we really appreciate all of their support. The girls got sick over the same weekend, so this past week was not the happiest, but we are all doing much better.

The girls are growing like the weeds that infest our yard and learning lots of new things everyday. Elmo is still the king in our house, and we imagine it is going to stay that way for awhile. To Elmo's credit, I don't think any of us would have survived this past week without Elmo's World on DVD (thankfully the library has a large collection). Ellie is learning so many new words and Tilly is still gibber-gabbering away.

Here are some new pics:
We went to the zoo with Jami, Aunt Steph, Eisley and Baby Beck. The Dallas zoo has a fun water area for little kids. Tilly is in blue and Ellie is in purple. The elephant is named Lucy and that's Eisley riding a camel all by herself.

These are some pics from today playing with our new water table (thanks Nana and Grandpa). Baby Beck is in Blue with his Papa Matt, Eisley is the bigger girl, Tilly is in orange and Ellie is in yellow. They had the best time with the table and cars. Ellie worked very hard filling buckets and removing the water from the table. At one point Beck took her shovel (although their were 3 others within her reach) and she started screaming, "BECK!! BECK!!!" It was so funny.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Garden Party

Say Hey Blogtrotters,

Well Texas Stadium did it one more time. Years of traffic going to and from work. Promise Keepers, HS football and Billy Graham. And now Waking me and the babies up this Sunday with its implosion.

The flowers that David Tiggeman planted last spring have really exploded with color. The girls are so interested in them that I cut out a little flower patch for them of their very own.
I planted some last week to fill in the gaps and the girls have a knack for pulling up the ones that are newest and most fragile. So anyways they have their own dirt pit to play in. Ellie likes the glove and both like to move the dirt around. We'll plant some cheapo flowers in there soon, but for now they've just loved playing in it.
Coloring and Elmo are also big now a days. They constantly shout for Elmo and to color. In the pictures Tilly is coloring and Ellie is typing at the computer (Abby just opens up a word doc and increases the font and maybe put is on a crazy looking font and the girls enjoy typing, this is called being a digital native in the business, if you are reading this you are a digital immigrant, sorry)
Desk looks good, right? We haven't used it for coloring yet, but probably today.
Oh, and of course that's Little Piper with the girls on the bench. We went to the park yesterday.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Eating and Flowers

Say Hey Blogtrotters,

Here are the girls in all their glory. They're having a good time getting in to all kinds of trouble. They are tall enough to reach things on the counter which has not led to any major trouble yet, but it certainly will.

Their new favorite friends are Sunny and Cher our neighbor's French Bulldogs. They run around and weave in between as they girls squeal with delight. It is tons of fun to watch. We'll try and get some video.

Tilly is in the hat, she demanded to wear one night at dinner.
In the next two pictures, entitled "A Study in Pizza" Abby thinks it goes Ellie, Tilly. I think it is Tilly, Ellie. Feel free to side with her, or come up with a 3rd or 4th option.
The girls were tons of help with the flowers. They only pulled up 2 flowers right after I had planted them. Tilly is in pink and Ellie is in yellow.
With the cupcakes Tills is in blue and Ell in purple. We included Eisley because she eats her cupcake daintily not like the Beast as Sheila would say.