Monday, May 16, 2011

A Study in Twins

Say Hey All,
The girls are having a rough time lately with their health. Last weekend Tilly was coughing all night and we ended up taking her to the ER. She's much better, they don't think it asthma, "it's just something in her lungs" which is my favorite diagnosis. Ellie, not to be out done, got car sick on the way home from the doctor and threw up all over the car. Poor Abby had a rough day and lucky James got to clean up a lot of throw up. Still less gross than cat mess, by the way. I was remarking that for 2 primies that spent the first month of their lives in the hospital, this is our first trip back. We've been lucky. They're fine, so no need to worry, just a rough weekend.

Anyway, here's the girls looking better. A study in twins, sometimes they are exactly the same and sometimes they are as different as Cinderella is to a girl in a saggy diaper and a pajama top. Legend at the bottom of the page.

Top 4 Dallas Arboretum both, Tilly, Tillly, Ellie

Ellie and Gramps

Tilly is reading, Ellie screaming, Ellie with the big tower and Tilly in the small. Tilly cooking with mama and again in the robot gear (i made that!) in the video they are playing library. At the end they are arguing over whether or not the book is "too expensive" which is code for "we aren't going to buy you that" poor children, growing up cheap.