Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It is fall, the leaves are falling everywhere

That means it's FALL! Say Hey Super Blog Reading People,

Along with the beautiful weather, the ladies have been great little guys. Here's the low down: the girls wanted to wash the car, a really good idea I know, Elinor is the first one and Tilly is the fanciest little car wash girl I've ever seen. Ellie is the fireman and Tilly is Angelina ballerina, a British dancing mouse. Sometime people ask me if they're different. Eisely, Beck and Brandt in some order. In the later pics Tilly is in pink (really?) and Ellie in yellow. Our garden is doing great, we've got tons of tomatoes, 8 or so gourds and 3 pumpkins. The gourds and pumpkins are about a month away, so let's hope we don't get anymore low temps. The almost freeze we got last week blackened many leaves. Enjoy. Oh, and yes I made the fire engine Ellie is wearing. It was awesome. (and Abby did make the mouse costume and fire jacket)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Planes and Soccer

Say Hey Blogtrotters,

Here we are in late September and heading toward October. The girls have started playing soccer. 3 year olds playing soccer is pretty awesome. The practices are really better than the games, i think. They really like it and it's hilarious. In these pictures we're at the Frontiers of Flight museum right next to Love Field. Tilly of course is in the piggy tails and wearing blue, Ellie in orangy pink. In the bubble pics Ellie is first and Tilly is reaching up. Tilly is playing with the tools. Oh, and the "Beware of Blast" is the blasting end of a jet. Duh, beware of blast, it's not rocket science! Oh, wait.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Zoo and School

Say Hey,

School has started for the girls and I. They are going to preschool twice a week. The teachers refer to them as "the professors". Oh, lord, I'd love to see them. With their July birthday and their relatively small stature Abby says they are the youngest and smallest in the class, luckily for the teachers and their classmates size and age does not hinder their bossiness. These pictures are from the zoo with Long. Monday was in the 70s with a breeze after this summer(not that it's over) it was the most beautiful day. Tilly of course is in the piggy tails and Ellie is not. enjoy. Thanks Papa and Nene for Zoo membership. Come on back and ride the carosel with us (them).

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Its My Birthday!!

Say Hey My Children,

Guess who's going to win the annual family "Jesus Look-A-Like" contest? Bob molted, for the last time says the all knowing internet, and he now has awesome wings. I recommend clicking on the pictures to get a closer look. Again, Tilly is all pink and has hair poof-poofs and Ellie is yellow. In the "ring around the rosie" pictures I'll let you guess who is in the princess dress and who's just chilling in underwear. And yes of course that game led to falling and crying like it always does. The video is of the an Eric Carle animal game, I think it goes cat, lion, butterfly (not shown is the caterpillar, chrysalis, metamorphosis part that was done in the front room). Go with my blessing and may peace be with you.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Heat Wave

Say Hey Friends, Special shout out to Minh Xuan 1 blog fan.

We have tons of pictures so here are 12 and then I'll do another 12 in about a week. Generally speaking if you see pink and/or hair "poof poofs" that's Tilly, any yellow that's Elinor Clair. The girls have been doing great great these days. Happy times.