Sunday, January 22, 2012

Catching up

Say Hey Blogtrotters,

Sorry for the Nov to Jan. break in the blog, I know you've been missing it. The girls are doing great. They had a fabulous break in San Antonio with my family, they're loving school and growing up fast. They seem to have inherited the "goofy" gene from their paternal side, honestly I had been worried because it only ever skips 1 generation and since it skipped me I was pretty sure they would be irredeemable goofballs. Oh, well, they also got my devilish good looks and everything in life is a trade-off.
In the pics: the first two are both Ellie and Tilly is on the pony. Ellie was the self-proclaimed "Goat Girl" while Tilly rode the pony (still pronounced "poi-ny") that sums them up right there. Ellie is licking the icing spoon and Tilly has her doll in her kimono. Oh, who's that rocking the rake in the annual leaf-a-poloza concert? How did such a sweet photo make it into a children's blog? The girls are later pulling cruncle Chris on Rollerblades, it was as bout as safe as it looks. Then that's Tilly in the circle and later all tuckered out. I think that is Till handing and I think it is Ellie with the super close up but Abby will say it is Tillly and she'll probably be right. Look for some winter garden pics comng soon.