Monday, June 4, 2012

Dance Dance Revolution!

Dearest Blogtrotters,

Here are the photos from their dance recital in late May, I just realized that I had neglected to allow you the joy of them.  The recital itself went off without a hitch.  They didn't cry and even danced a little.  I'll put the link to David Morris' YouTube video post.  Let me impart my favorite aspect of the recital.  Perhaps it was the 4-5 year olds who danced to "All the Single Ladies"  nothing more approriate than twelve 5 year old girls dancing to "If you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it"  while wearing flapper dresses.  Although it was the lady chipmunks singing so that makes it ok (and annoying, since, admittedly  Mr. West was correct in his assessment of that song).  Our lady girls danced to an elongated version of the theme song to Scooby Doo.  Yeah, you heard me.   
Since this is prehaircut, I suppose I'll have to be of some help in recognizing.  (First 5 are Tilly and then Ellie is on the right in the two that have both.  Elinor is the last three.)  Here is a link to last year's recital.  It has a picture that is almost exactly like the first one, but last year's is Ellie.  identical?
scroll down to the red, white, black dance pics.
the video
PS scroll down for a great entry about Little Abbner and me, your humble servant.

Look, the new design allows me to write captions.  this will make telling who's who a snap!

James and Abby: The Awesome Show!

Please to enjoy our awesomeness!  This is Abby standing in front of her newly fixed window!  She took it apart, replaced the motor and put every single part back where it started in less than 2 hours and she did it... all by herself! (I helped a little and obviously Ellie was helping, too).  And then the video is some cool science.  Apparently it is the oils in our skin that pop bubbles, so put a glove on and bounce to that!  peace friends. 

David Bowie from Labyrinth anyone?