Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Catalina Wine Mixer and Balloonfest

Say Hey Blogtrotters,

Most of the pics are from the Plano Balloonfest, which is as close to the Catalina Wine Mixer that Abby and I can ever hope to get. The girls loved the balloons and running around too. Todd and Melissa came and had brunch with us on Sunday. Her brother Zach turned 21. Todd's adopted brother, too. Really I feel like he's my adopted brother Todd's adopted brother, so we're pretty tight. Abby sees him as more of an acquaintance, but she has commitment issues so no one should be offended. (Zach, if you should ever read this, which you won't because I assume you have a life, Abby wants you to know she likes you) (not in that way)

Pics: At the Catalina Wine Mixer, Tilly is in "white" and Ellie is in pink. Both found the catsup. At first we really thought Tilly was bleeding. Look at her nose, it really looks like she's bleeding! She has a future in low budget B horror movies. Oh, Eisely's in yellow.
In the chair Ellie is on the left and Till on the right. The last 3 are Ellie, one with Mr. Snoozy the awesomest knitting creation ever. Made by Chris. Then she is lounging in overturned box. And finally looking fancy.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

Dear Bloggtrotters,

Labor Day weekend was fantastic! The ladies were in a great mood the entire time and all we did was play. We went to another grand opening and took part in the time honored American tradition of scaring our kids by shoving them near hideous over sized cloth monsters. Ellie did alright, but Tilly was having none of it. On Monday we went to the Dallas Science and Natty History Museum. We all loved it. The girls really liked the taxidermied animals and all the other junk. We finished the day by swimming with the Morrises. They've(the girls not the morrises) just been doing great lately. I think that's it. Nana will be in town next weekend so I'll post a bunch of pictures. Oh, they are both getting a pair of molars. David Morris sent those sailor suit pics so be prepare yourself for cuteness. I'll try and get them up this weekend.

Pics: car Ellie on the left (Driving) Tilly on the right (asleep at the wheel), Couch Tilly on the left, Ellie on the right (sorry, we should always have them on the same side), girls with Geoffrey, Tilly scared of Geoffrey.
Science Museum: Tilly in pink, Ellie in white. Getting shocked, playing water, becoming astronauts.
Videos: Splashing at the Science Museum, Playing with the maracas from Uncle Mike and Aunt Cathy.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

This Leash Demeans Us Both

Dearest Blogtrotters,

School has started and that means weekly blog updates have ended. Sorry Dad(s). Oh, that reminds me. David Morris, send me those sailor suit pictures and I'll put them up. Sorry their aren't many pictures. We misplaced the camera and have been lazy/tired. These are from the grand opening of a toy store. Eisley had a great time although Abby did hit her with a cart and then refused to apologize, teaching Eisley that it is ok to not apologize when she hits baby Beck. Lessons we learned: babies love Sunshine Bear. Babies hate the sand people from Star Wars.

The video is the demeaning leashes we now have for the babies. Abby hopes, in vain I think, that they will lead to her having greater control over them on single adult outings. I suggested the cat carriers as a means for greater control but Abby points out that they are all dusty from sitting in the garage all year. We've been taking them on walks down the street lately after dinner. The babies love the walks, the weather has been wonderful lately in Big D.

We'll try to put more up over labor day. (babies cooking burgers, babies relaxing by the pool, babies waving miniature American Flags, etc.)