Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Say Hey Blogtrotters,

Well we are back from Colorado. We stayed at Uncle Nelson's(aka Grandfather Amen) family's cabins in Monarch. The Amen Family Cabins are wonderful, so anyone looking for a mountain getaway (summer or winter) should check them out at I don't know if the address will hyperlink when I put the blog up, but it's pretty easy to type in.

Colorado was magnificent. The girls are more than a little sad that they lost the privilege of running around outside in the beauty and splendor of the mountains, but that's what happens when you return to 100 degree weather in Texas.

As for us we had a fabulous time with everyone in Monarch. Abby hiked to a secret lake (no so secret, but we were the only ones there at the time) and I claimed a mountain for myself. It was formerly known as Mt. Taylor, but will be hence forth referred to as Mt. T-Tiggeman-Tigers.

Girl update: Walking and running. Learning to dance. Switching to whole milk(although this is not going well it will mean about $67 per week in savings from formula, so I predict they will make the switch...or starve). Wearing bows, occasionally. Biting.

Pics: Tilly trying to enter the dishwasher, Ellie with Grandpa at a local music festival, Tills trying to break into the poison cabinet, Ellie showing you who's #1, Tilly with the cup, James and Abby in the dementor fog at the Continental Divide, Tilly with a cup, T on top and E on bottom - playing, Tilly on a hike and Ellie with a stick, both girls playing with Old Man Tiggeman, E looking cool, Elinor also getting into the cabinet and finding a hat, and finally both girls picking wildflowers - one of their most favorite activities in Co.