Saturday, January 29, 2011

Show Time at the Apollo

Two videos for your enjoyment. The first is of the ladies playing "library" they check books out to each other then take them places and then recheck them out again. Listen for Ellie saying "beep" when the book goes under the 'scanner' then "here go" and she'll hand them to Tilly. The video also contains them spinning, which is one of their favorites (Abby constantly has to remind them to take a berak and let their heads rest). Something for everyone in that video, high brow and low brow. The second video is long, so be warned and it is of the girls putting on shows for each other on this plastic organizational tub.

Monday, January 17, 2011

NO, Davidand Jibber Jab

Hey, here's 2 quick videos. The first is of Ellie reading No, David by David Shannon. She'll tell you what's happening on each page. In the video she tells you that he's "getting the cookies" that he has "mud on him" and that he's "him naked" that's her favorite page by the way and "That too loud". The book is about David being bad, if you didn't guess. The author states in the afterward that "yes" is a beautiful word, but it doesn't keep crayon off the wall.

The next one is Tilly. I've entitled it "jibber-jabber" she kept coming and telling me things. You might hear "baby sleeping" and "Books". This is one of their favorite activities, that is going from Abby to me and relaying "messages" sometimes Abby will actually ask them to ask me something that needs a real answer like "how long before dinner's ready?" If they were UPS i'd demand a refund.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Big Girl Beds

Hey Hey Everybody,

Sorry about the lack of updates. No excuse. No reasonable one that is. The big news is that the ladies got their "big girl" beds this weekend. So far it has gone reasonably well. A little crying and banging on the door, but really they've been great. Slept till 8:10 this morning, that's not bad. Sunday night, however, they decided to have a slumber party. Finally after two hours of laughing, talking, clapping, and playing in their room, they both start crying at 9:00. We went in to find 15 books spread out all over their beds and their new babies tucked in on the pillows that should have held their angelic sleepy heads. The last picture is of the proof. Anyway, they are really proud of their new beds.
pics: Tilly is the first one with the blocks and Ellie is the in the other two (pretty awesome towers)
Tilly is in pink PJs and Ellie in brown cereal. In the dress up, Ellie is on the left of Eisley. Then it's Tilly in the monkey and Ellie in the cat pattern wearing my homemade Quaker hat.