Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Day of School

The ladies had their first day of school today(me too, if you were wondering).  They had a great day apparently and learned lots  of cool stuff.  Notably, they learned about the letter M, the number 1 and how to correctly use the word "stupid".   Tilly is now proficient in its use.   As a teacher I often see first hand the power of peer tutoring. enjoy.  
Sirus, still alive!

Ellie in yellow and black, Tilly in white and black


1st day, Tilly on the left and Ellie on the right

being silly



This little guy was hanging out on our door step, he must have known that this was a mantis friendly household.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Goat Farm

Here are pictures from the last day in Colorado plus the Jump'in Good Goat Farm.  The girls loved the goats.  Obviously, who doesn't love baby goats?  

Ellie in the River

Dogs? Yes!


Tilly and Grandpa


Tilly and Flute

James, Flute and Abby

Ellie and Grumpus

Ellie and Flute

Ellie and Fennel