Sunday, November 14, 2010

Milkshakes for Baby Jesus

Hey Blogtrotters,

Quite a few things to report this entry, most importantly, we finally purchased, received and built the playhouse the girls got for their birthday. They absolutely LOVE it. They spent the entire day outside except for naps and meals. Thanks to everyone who donated to the fund, especially Aunt Cherrie and Uncle Kenneth. Thanks to the Schweers (Smears?) for helping build it. Why wait, right Jamie? Good idea.
The ladies have been having a good time with the sand box lately too. Mostly Tilly spends 10 minutes filling a large cup with sand, then tells everyone who'll listen that it's a milkshake and it's hot and you have to blow on it. Then, because she's a generous soul, goes to give the concoction to the baby (the statue of baby Jesus and Mary). This entails dumping about a pound of sand on the young Lord.
Ellie and Tilly have been in great moods lately. When their not throwing the biggest tantrum they can muster, they are being as endearing as humanly possible. Their sassy little hair cuts from NeNe only add to it.
Ellie in the owl hat and Tilly is wearing her "lion" jacket. See the last picture for why she calls it that.
one video is girls "shooing" Sirus away (and him ignoring), the other is the girls learning to cook.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin Time

Say Hey,

We went to the arboretum yesterday. It was raining at first, but then it cleared up a bit. As always Tilly is in the yellow slicker and Ellie in the pink. Then Tilly has the purple necklace on the entire time and Ellie has the bear in her pocket (although Tilly dose have a bear for some of the pictures.) Enjoy

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Say Hey People of the Blog (the unsuccessful sequel to People of the Book),

The first two are from the first day of pre-pre school. Tilly is in blue/Ellie in white owls. The rest are from today. By the way, the 80's and 90's are back! Ellie has on purple hair ties and Tilly has pink. I realize that is almost no help at all, so sorry. I know that's Tilly holding the card and Ellie with the Flip camera. And Tills on the turtle. Tilly no longer wants me to take her picture "no cheese, no cheese" she yells at me. So there may be more Tillys pictures for a while.
The ladies are still in the throws of the terrible 2's. Perhaps it's the terrible 4's since there are 2 of them. Either way they are enjoying throwing tantrums and yelling at me. Their favorite new phrase is "Mama do it." Here's a typical conversation. Abby: "Girls can you pick up your crayons?" E and T: "Mama do it." Let's hope Romo throws 3 TDs today, I need the points.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Say Hey Blogtrotters, Lots of picks today. The first 4 are of our hallway. Abby and I have been painting in the evenings for the past couple of weeks. Each animal takes a long time to complete. The rest are of the ladies at the Arboretum. It was the first time in a long time it has been bearable outside. Tilly is in brown and Ellie in pink. That boy is their friend Brandt, who always riles them up, or perhaps we rile him up, either way Exhibit A is the video. Oh, and that's Till pledging allegiance on the bus. (The ladies plus Brandt rode the bus and had a great time.)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Tree is nice

Say Hey Blogtrotters,

School's starting so we'll probably blog less. I'll still try to get pics up as much as possible, although it is just too hot to take pictures. The girls have mastered the phrase "I want it, okay." the "okay" is not a question, but more of an after thought.

Tilly is the first two pics with the purple pillow background and Ellie is the second two. The last one is the new look of our living room. The way is blue and Abby painted the awesome tree. "Tree is nice." is what the ladies say, except sometimes the get mad at it.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Say Hey Team,
Here are the ladies at dance class. Last week was their first lesson and it was an unmitigated disaster, although it was pretty funny to watch. They were all over the floor, running around and generally doing the opposite of what the instructors wanted.
At their 2nd lesson they did SO much better. Little dancers. They still try to distract Eisley during the lesson as much as possible, though.

Tilly is in blue and Ellie in purple. I'm very proud of the picture of Ellie smiling, I had to trick her to get it! The video is a hodge-podge of their first two weeks.