Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dearest Bloggtrotters,

For your viewing pleasure tonight I offer you scenes from the Dallas Arboretum. The girls had a great time. I was a little disappointed in the reindeer. I think it is cheating to use a word that has the same singular and plural (sheep, deer, fish, spaghetti) to imply that there might be many reindeer at a certain location at a certain time and then only have one surly deer. Oh, well more Yuletide disillusionment. Anyways, the girls had a great time at the arboretum.
The girls really talking up a storm Tilly says "flower" really well. It sounds like "FLOUUUrrrr" with a really soft R at the end, almost like and after taste. She was able to use this new information quite a bit today.
Pics Tilly has a pink shirt on under her coat and Ellie's is white. look hard. The second picture is my new favorite! Can I humbly suggest you click on the fourth and fifth pictures to enlarge them. It's Tilly by the way. In the last two videos Tilly is in white and Ellie in blue.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Say Hey Blogtrotters,

Sorry we haven't updated the blog in forever. Brooms now out number people in the house. With so many people helping, it's a wonder why our house is always a mess.
Tilly is in the purple print and Ellie is in the red pants. In the first video Tilly is wearing white socks and Ellie is wearing purple socks. They both have brooms.