Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olympics and Colorado

Hey Blogtrotters,
Here's pics from Colorado.  The girls loved it.  Highlights, for them and others, included playing in the river and looking for treasures, picking raspberries each day with Sheila, walking Lilly, being outside without threat of heat exhaustion, going to a fish hatchery and going to a goat farm (dairy).  The video at the end is our tribute to the Olympics, our dream is for them to be synchronized divers so they were able to practice on the couch. I'll do another post later this week solemente on goat farming, you'll like it...guarantee.




Tilly and Crunkle Chris

That's sweet.

Fresh Raspberry pancakes

Ellie picking berries

In the river finding treasure

video game time!

little tilly

Tilly's awesome play-doh


More treasure, 39 degree water

later she told me her boots got wet, but didn't know how.

feeding the fish at the farm

watching/catching bubbles

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Zoo School for Grandpa

Hello Friends, I'm here in SA with the girls while Abby does her part for the environment one well researched article at a time.  We've had a great trip and perhaps the girls won't come back too spoiled since I'm here keeping a curmudgeonly eye on things.  The ladies have had a blast at the Witte Museum as well as the pool; these pictures all come from the zoo.  Ellie is in orange panda and Tilly with pink owls, if you can't tell be the hair.  Oh, and we had camera issues so if they seem a little off, it's you and you should visit the optometrist soon, and don't drive at night.

$2.00 well spent
My favorite part, the picture with the lions
We played "peek-a-boo" allowing Nana to a split second to get a great pic

Nana took 7 pictures of this plant so I thought I should include it.

"food girl"

Wild Animal

Wilder Animal

In their natural habitat

Doesn't Daddy look pleased to be sitting on a bird poop stained deck holding dirty fish food for the girls?

Rascal, a Dwarf Mongoose

Elephant Ears!